The Brand

Draft & Co is emerging in 2020 as grass roots brand of Australia, founded originally as Gumnut Designz in 2012 when two rural mothers were inspired to collaborate and evolve a children’s clothing range. Since changing ownership to now current director Sheree Pratt, there has been a re-direction of style, stimulated by the desire to further explore the construction of well intentioned Australian made garments that honour reliability, simplicity and old soul grace. 

 Our premier collection ‘True Colours’ draws upon the new brand DNA that is Draft & Co, as we establish our identity as a quintessential brand of Australia committed to connecting woman from far and wide. We are truly inspired by all woman and to create for all women and are heavily influenced by the nuts and bolts of real life.  

 We are passionate about playing our part in the economy both on a local and national level, creating jobs, opportunities and stimulus for success for our fellow citizens both now and in the future. Which is why we remain dedicated to our in-house approach of designing, manufacturing and distributing our items. We refuse to compromise on quality and reliability, as we take our social responsibility very seriously by investing in, collaborating with and supporting other Australian services. 

Based in Julia Creek north-west Queensland, other wise known as the gateway to the gulf, Draft & Co takes pride in being established as a business from the bush. We are so honoured that an increasing amount of Australians are accessing products from the outback and making conscientious choices to #buyfromthebush  

We look forward to continuing a strong legacy established back in 2012, with our newly innovated sense of direction. It is with an overwhelming sense of joy and pride that we introduce to you, Draft & Co.